Transfer of personal data to Chalmers Play when using federated login (Privacy Policy)

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Description of Chalmers Play

Chalmers Play allows users to create, upload, share, publish and stream videos. The platform also has support for auto-generated subtitles.

All employees and students have access to Chalmers Play via The first time you log in using your CID, an account in Chalmers Play is automatically created.

Processing of personal data

Transfer of personal data

Personal data is transferred from the identity provider (your login service) to to login.

When logging in to this service, the following personal data are requested from the identity provider you use:

Personal dataPurposeTechnical representation
Unique identifierTo give you access to your informationeduPersonPrincipleName
First name The name is used in the UIgivenName
Last NameThe name is used in the UIsn
Email address To allow communication from to user, e.g. event notifications. mail

Transfer of personal data to third parties

No data is transferred to third parties.

Lawful basis, right of access, rectification and erasure, and personal data controller

Please see Processing of personal data | Chalmers for detailed information about how Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers) processes personal data.

GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct

This service complies with the international framework GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct ( for the transfer of personal data from identity providers to the service. This framework is intended for services in Sweden, the EU and the EEA that are used in research and higher education.